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Family Law

Family Law matters are disputes between family members that often require Court intervention or approval, including Divorce, Paternity, Child Custody and Parenting Time, Child Support, Alimony, Step-Parent Adoption, and Extended Family Member Custody. Whether you are facing such an issue for the first time, or modifying an existing Court Order, we can help you to resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Learn more about traditional Family Law.


Have you ever felt that if you and your spouse could just sit down and talk – have a civil conversation – then you could figure everything out? Mediation involves you, your spouse, and a neutral facilitator sitting down together, problem solving, and having a civil and productive conversation about how to deal with your difficult legal, financial, and emotional issues. Each person may have an attorney present if they wish, though attorneys are not necessary. Mediation is informal and not adversarial. You and your spouse are the decision-makers, and our goal is to reach an agreement that meets everyone’s needs without sacrificing what is most important to you.  Learn more about Mediation.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Practice is a dispute-resolution process that values honesty, openness, respect, and safety. In the Collaborative Process, we assemble a team who works together to resolve your issues. The team includes both you and the other party. Each party is also represented by their own attorney, who advocates for their client’s needs and desires. The team also includes a Neutral Financial Professional who advises both parties on financial matters.  The final team member is a Neutral Mental Health Professional, who assists the parties with difficult emotional issues and can advise the parties about parenting and children’s issues.  Learn more about Collaborative Divorce.

Wills and Trusts

For many, speaking about death is uncomfortable and often avoided.  While we understand the difficulty, we stress the importance and benefit of having a will in place for when the time comes.  A will provides family members and friends with closure and the ability to carry out all of your final wishes.  It helps a family deal with your personal belongings in a way they know follows your requests and desires.  The process may seem daunting, but we work together explaining all the different situations and scenarios involved to find what best suits your needs.  We can also add simple trusts into wills to help provide for any family members who may be best provided for through a trust rather than a lump sum distribution.  Learn more about Wills and Trusts.

Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney (POAs) are very important documents granting a person the ability to act as though they are standing in your shoes in regards to signing contracts, purchase agreements, and much more. These documents give the person of your choosing, an Agent, the ability to act on your behalf concerning your financials. Powers of Attorney can be limited to fit a specific event or they can be effective until revocation or incapacitation.  The rights you are empowering another person with are not to be taken lightly.  Before drafting a POA, we discuss what your needs are and the implications associated with a POA and determine what best suits your needs given your particular situation.  Learn more about Powers of Attorney.

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